If you experience a fluid leak in Broomfield, CO, you might think that your vehicle needs costly repairs. However, here at Sill-TerHar Mazda, we’re going to share what fluid leaks really mean about the condition of your vehicle.

It helps to recognize that some leaks are actually condensation that forms from one of your car’s processes. However, excess water can indicate a problem with your cooling system. Antifreeze leakages also indicate the need for vehicle inspection, but it is rare that this leakage is a sign of serious issues. Fuel leakages, while costly, are also relatively harmless.

There are leakages that can present serious obstacles and potential danger. Brake fluid leakage can cause you to lose control of your brakes while on the road. If you experience a motor oil leakage while your car is parked, you may not be able to start it up again. These issues should be rectified immediately if you want to avoid compromises to your car’s performance and driver safety.

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