The sound of an awful "whining" noise coming from the engine can't be a good thing. When turning the key in the ignition produces this sound, there's a problem. The trouble becomes even more obvious when the engine doesn't start. It looks like there's a problem with the starter. If so, the vehicle needs some maintenance. Many drivers learn to associate "whining" sounds with starter troubles, but there can be other signs.

When turning the key leads to a grinding sound, there's an issue. Engines should run smoothly and not kick over without hassles. Parts, however, don't always work well, and they sometimes require replacing. Grinding and whining engines might be home to a worn-out starter. And if there's smoke coming from the engine, that's an even more obvious red alert.

Or, maybe the problem comes from leaking oil. Oil leaking onto a starter can undermine it. Drivers won't know the extent of any problems unless a pro checks things out. The service department at Sill-TerHar Mazda works on starters and more. Place a call to set up an appointment.

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