Notable for being both indulgent and reliable, the Mazda6 is a popular midsize sedan in cities like Broomfield, CO where a mash-up of car collectors, daily commuters, and impromptu travelers share the roadways. The Mazda6 is available in five innovative styles, each with its own variation on tech-savvy, modern exterior and interior features. Drivers can customize their ride with metallic or pearl tones in colors like machine grey, sonic silver, titanium flash, or blue reflex.

The overall design of the Mazda6 is strong and durable with a seamless exterior that hints at a spacious, luxurious interior. The wheels are made from lightweight aluminum alloy with a gunmetal finish and all-season tires. As for safety designs, the intermittent windshield wipers have rain sensors to help keep you comfortable and secure at the first sign of inclement weather.

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