What Type of Winter Tires Will You Choose?

Helping Broomfield, CO drivers stay safe is one of our goals at Sill-TerHar Mazda. Winter tires are a good idea during the winter because they enhance traction. There are many winter tires to choose from that all have unique benefits.

Studdable tires are made with removable metal studs and aggressive tread that provide you with exceptional traction. The metal studs can cause damage to certain surfaces, so they are restricted in some states, and they can also be noisy when they're in use. Many states only allow drivers to use them during the winter months.

Studless ice and snow tires are for when the weather is at its worst. These provide you with optimal traction on the ice, snow, and slush. These tires also have a decent wear life and handle well on clear roads. Performance winter and snow tires are suitable for those who want a balance of good traction on the ice and decent handling on clear roads.

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