Taking a trip to see family, going to the beach, or visiting friends across country this summer means you are putting plenty of mileage on your tires. When you get back home, you need to give the tires a thorough cleaning to prevent damage.

Brake dust consists of adhesive, carbon fibers, and tiny metal shavings, all heated up by the friction of the wheel. If you leave it on your wheels and car, it will mar the factory finish. Cleaning it doesn't take long, but it's well worth it.

Use a cleanser made for your wheel type and finish. Get a soft brush for the wheel and a stiffer one to clean the tires. Apply the cleaner as recommended, then use the brushes to loosen the dirt. Rinse and repeat with each wheel. Bring your car to the service department here at Sill-TerHar Mazda in Broomfield, CO for all your repair and maintenance needs.

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