Here's What to do if You Slide on Ice

Now that winter is setting in, it can be helpful if you're prepared for harsh driving conditions. We like to help Broomfield, CO drivers stay safe at Sill-TerHar Mazda, so read these tips on what to do if you start to slide on ice.

Always drive slowly when you're on icy roads. If you slide, then you may have been driving too fast for the road conditions. It's also important to remain calm when you begin to slide. Overcompensating will most likely happen if you start to panic, and you should also avoid hard braking. When you're driving on ice, brakes can trigger a slide or cause it to become worse.

Oversteer is a common type of slide that happens on ice, and it can be extremely dangerous. If you start to slide from oversteer, then refrain from the brakes, and it can also help you regain control if you turn into the slide.

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