How to Prep Your Car with a DIY Winter Survival Kit

The draws of a winter wonderland bring with it visions of fun holiday celebrations, lots of hot cocoa, and heartwarming movies to keep the cold at bay. However, winter can also bring icy road conditions and snow-covered streets, some of which are too rural for cities to salt or scrape.

Have to drive in the mess? Prep a winter survival kit for your vehicle. Think comfortable and warm with extra-warm clothes like gloves, coats, socks, and winter boots. Think reliable and helpful with tools like a tire pressure gauge, tow straps, multipurpose utility tools, and a portable electric tire pump. You should also stow away plenty of water, nonperishable snacks, first aid supplies, flashlights with extra batteries, and an extra cell phone charger for your car.

Need assistance? We at Sill-TerHar Mazda in Broomfield, CO would be happy to help you plan for bad weather with the preparation of your winter survival kit.

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