Gaskets Are Important!

Your car's vital gaskets help it properly operate. To enable informed service decisions, we can help you clearly understand automotive gaskets.

Made of rubber or thin, layered metal or a combination of those materials, gaskets mold closely to surfaces and help keep a vehicle's systems separate. As a result, your engine's diverse liquids and gasses cannot mix and cause operational problems. Due to heat, pressure and time, all automotive gaskets eventually fail. You can postpone gasket failure by keeping regular service and maintenance appointments. Also, look for gasket-failure signs. For example, when you check your motor oil, if you see a mayonnaise-like matter on your dipstick, a gasket likely needs replacement.

If you want to learn more about gaskets or any subject related to your car, come talk to us in our service center at Sill-TerHar Mazda. At our convenient Broomfield location, we can answer any question and expertly service any vehicle.

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