Holiday Travel Easy with Preparation

When traveling during the holidays, a few quick preparations can make your trip less stressful.

First, ready your vehicle. Have the oil changed, and check your coolant and wiper fluid. Also, check your tire pressure and be sure your tires are in excellent condition. Map out stops for gas and food, and give yourself plenty of time. Getting gas and food will take longer than you think. Pack snacks and drinks in a small portable cooler instead of getting them at gas stations. You'll save time and money. Try not to stress about the traffic, and remember everyone is in the same traffic. Cutting in front of people or speeding will not get you to your destination quicker, and could be dangerous. Use caution and don't drive too closely to vehicles ahead of you.

A little planning will help your holiday travel days be enjoyable. If you need a larger vehicle to be comfortable, call Sill-TerHar Mazda.

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