What do you carry in your winter road emergency kit for slippery situations?

You must be expecting situations like your car getting stuck and unable to have traction somewhere in Broomfield, CO this winter. This presents the question of what your winter kit should have for such situations to reduce the trouble you’ll go through. Luckily you got about three alternatives to choose from.

Kitty litter is likely to give your car traction if you put it under your tires when you are stuck but it also tends to dissolve once there is a lot of water. It’s also not so cheap compared to sand.

Sand is another alternative you may want to use under your tires when you get stuck. It is the cheapest of all alternatives. You may also spread it on the driveway if the situation so demands.

Salt though an option, it can only be spread on the driveway and not put under tires.
From Sill-TerHar Mazda, we advise that you limit options to sand and kitty litter for your winter kit.

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